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28-09-2015 – 03-10-2015 Aachen, Germany / Ardennes, Belgium
This week I went to Germany together with my class. We went to Aachen for an exchange this was until friday, on friday 12:00 we went to the Ardennes with the bus. And I am going to tell you all about this week and my exchange.

Day 1 Monday
We left at 8:00 in the morning with the bus to Aachen. We had to drive 2 hours. When we arrived at the school, all the german people were waiting for us. the teachers called our names and the names of our exchange partners so we could meet eachother.
After this we had a showround through the school given by the German people. During lunch we ate schnitzel and potatoe croquettes.
After the lunch we went to the woods with the bus, it was a 40 minutes drive. In the woods we did survival activities. Sometimes the parkours were really hard but that depends on which parkour you were. Then at 18:00 we arrived at school again and the mother of my exchange partner, Debbie was here to pick us up. We went to a restaurant and there we got out dinner and drove home to eat it at home, we ate döner. It was delicious !!
After dinner I gave my exchange family the gifts I bought from Holland. I gave them pepernoten and stroopwafels, typically Dutch food.
After the presents watched a movie together with Debbie, the movie was called: she is the man. we went to bed at 21:30.

Day 2 Tuesday
At 5:45 we woke up and started to get ready for the day. For breakfast we got bread from the bakery. at 7:00 we walked to the busstation to go to school, we drove about 40 minutes. At school we split up in 2 groups and we went to 2 different classrooms. In the class roomd we made groups of 4 people. We had to think about things we celebrate in the Netherlands and Germany, just like New Years Eve, that was our theme. We thought about differents and similarities between the celebrations in the Netherlands and Germany, after the thinking we presented the ideas in front of the class.
After the presentations we visited the city of Aachen, this was unfortunately without out exchange partners. We got some free time to shop or eat or whatever you liked to do. At 13:30, we went to the Ludwig Form, this is an art museum in Aachen. After the tour through the museum we had to make out own art, we got a branch and had to design the branch so that it would look like it got his own ‘life’.
Around 17:00 we went to a friend of Debbie, also an exchange. We chilled and listened to music and talked a bit, it was really fun.
At 21:45 we went to bed.
An artwork at the Ludwig Forum.

Day 3 Wednesday
At 5:45 we got out of bed and again at 7:00 we went to school with the bus. When we arrived at school, we got the program for the day in Köln, and then we walked to the trainstation to get the train to Köln. When we arrived at Köln we went to the Kölnerdom, which is a cathedral. After this we got 2 hours of free time. I went shopping with my friends, we went to clothing shops, got starbucks and we ate at the Mc Donalds. At 12:45 we came to the meeting spot which was at front of the cathedral, from here we walked with the group to the chocolate museum. We walked for 20 minutes and the museum was located besides the Rhine so we also had a nice view during walking to the museum. At the chocolate museum we had a tour, the guide told us about the cacao trees and we saw some chocolate machines. We also tried some chocolate from a chocolate fountain, it was warm chocolate and it was delicious !!
In the shop of the museum I bought chocolate for me and my family and also some cookies.
At 17:15 we arrived home, and for dinner we ate potatoes and meat. After dinner we went to a friend of Debbies, to give her presents, which Debbie bought that day.
At 20:30 we invited Jaimy and Feline to come, and we talked a bit and walked in the neighbourhood, we also watched some fail videos on youtube, at 21:30 they had to leave and at 21:45 we got into bed to sleep.
In front of the Rhine on our way to the chocolate museum.

The chocolate fountain.

Day 4 Thursday
Today we woke up at 6:00, and at 8:00 we arrived at school. We went to Bonn by bus, after an one hour drive we arrived at the history museum, this is a museum about the history of Germany. After the museum we went to the centre of Bonn. We had some free time here to do something you like, for example shopping or eating. Again we did not go to a city without our exchange becuase they had lessons.
At 16:30 we arrived home. When we arrived Debbie and I went to the highest point of Aachen. It was really nice and especially because you could see the whole city from this point. We took a lot of picutres together and Debbie also showed me some places which are nice to go to in winter. For dinner we ate pizza. After dinner we played some nice games together with the family. the first time I did the game I won. The second time we played we all thought that we would win, but finally her brother won, it was a very competitive game. Because we really liked the game and totally forgot the time e went to bed at 22:30. When the game finished, the family got me a present, it was a really soft towel with my own name on it. I was really happy and did not want to go home.
At the highest point of Aachen.

The bus trip to Bonn.
IMG-20151011-WA0001 (1)

Day 5 Friday, Germany / Belgium
At 6:30 the alarm went and we had to wake up, this was the last day together with our exchanges, therefore Debbie’s mom brought us to school by car. I said goodbye to her brother and her mom and then we walked the last bit to school.
We walked to the city of Aachen and then we made groups of 6 and had to find the different places in Aachen. When you arrived at that place you had to take a picture with your group and the place you had to go to. When we were finished you had some free time, the sooner you were finished the more free time you had. In the free time Debbie and I went to a store to print some nice photos out from us together, I gave some photos to Debbie as a present. Then we went back to school and there we made a picture of all the exchange people together, the Dutch and the German people. Then it was time to say goodbye to everyone. After saying goodbye we got into the bus to drive to the Ardennes.
After 2 hours we arrived at the camping in the Ardennes. Before dinner we did some activities, we did some archery and after this we had to built a float with tons and wood, with ropes you had to bind everything together to make sure ypu wouldn’t sink if you float on the water.
After dinner we walked in the dark to find our way back to the camping, we walked through a forest, there was a lot of mud and it was very wet because of the rain. After the walk we chilled with some friends and around 1:45 we went back to our own caravan. And at 2:00 we laid in bed and fell asleep.
A group picture together with my friends.


Day 6 Saturday
At 8:00 we got together in the partytent of the camping, here we got breakfast. After breakfast we packed our luggage and cleaned our caravans. We put all the luggage in seperate tents because we still had a day ahead of us. With the same groups as friday we went to the woods, in the woods there were all different parcours which we had to complete, for example walking on a rope above a river or climb a net and roll down to the other side. I think this was a really nice activity to do.
After lunch we went to an open place to do some teambuilding activities. Also we did archery with soft arrows, the soft arrows were because we were going to shoot them at eachother later, if you were hit you had to stand on the side.
At 17:30 we left the Ardennes to drive back home, half way the ride we stopped at the Mc Donalds to have dinner. After a 3 hours drive we arrived at Oss. Our parents were here to pick us up.

What I thought of this week:
At first I want to say that I really enjoyed this week. My exchange partner was Debbie and she was a really nice girl, I thought we were a perfect match. We had the same interests, same style and the same character. She talked very goos English so we could communicate well. Her mother said she could not talk English very well, so if she did not know a word she just asked Debbie for help, and if Debbie was not there for a moment she did it in German and I tried to understand that and then we understood eachother. Her brother was also nice and he talked very good English.
This week I learned some stuff too, I learned some German words, and I also know a bit how and when the German eat. I learned some things about their schoolsystem and how to play a nice German game.
The 2 days in the Ardennes were also nice, and I have spent nice times with my friends. And even the bustrips were nice and cosy with everyone in the back of the bus.
So everything put together, I really enjoyed and spent nice times with nice people and nice friends.
And here are more pictures of the exchange.