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In England we did lots of activities, the trapeze was one of the exciting things we did. As you can see on the picture there was a wooden pole where you first had to climb on. When you reached the plank where you can stand on you had to jump to the trapeze. I think the pole was around the 5-10 metres high, and the trapeze 1.5 metres away from you. I was the first one who jumped. After everyone jumped we jumped another time but then the trapeze was futher away from you for 2 or 2,5 metres it was more but I could reach it. I really enjoyed the trapeze.
Here is a picture of me during the climb.




Friday the 22nd of may- This day was a workshop day for bilingual department year 1. We could choose different workshops, from golf to origami to street art. I chose slackline.
I heard about slackline before and I thought it would be really cool to do, so I signed up. I was so happy that i could do the workshop.
You think it is easy but it is pretty difficult, when I tried a few things I wanted to do a back flip, I already did it before, but that was on a trampoline. With two catchers I did it, I also have a video and I will give you the link. The link does not work that well but I hope you can see it.
I think Slackline belongs to action because you do a sport and you are busy all the time, it is a individual sport. I also really enjoyed it.