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The Darting Dog

During the last couple of weeks in the art lessons we were busy with surreal assignments. This means that some stuff don’t belong together, for example a big apple in a small room, a rock that is soft etc.

The new assignment was to make something surreal yourself, you had to bring an object and make something out of wood, the object shouldn’t have to do anything with eachother.
I decided to bring darts along and make the dog out of wood. Those objects don’t have anything to do with eachother, except for that the dog can hold the darts in its mouth. I thought this idea would be cool because it is not normal for a dog to have darts in his mouth, it is surreal.
I really enjoyed this assignment because I like to saw and I thought I had a good idea.

I think this belongs to creativity because you were busy with thinking of your own ideas, something surreal. You also had to saw and work with wood and think about how you could put everything together without making it look messy.

This is the result of my surreal objects together.