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The 10th of February
Today I went to Nieuwegein together with my sister. We went to Jumpsquare this is an Trampoline park, with trampolines, slacklines and foam pits.
At 19:00 our jump hour started, we could jump and do whatever we wanted in this hour. There were jumpmasters that could show you tricks, but they also helped with tips that could improve your jump skills. I got this jump hour from my sister for my birthday and I really enjoyed it.
Here are some pictures of the jump hall.
This was the building.
Here, you can see one part of the trampoline hall. You could also play dodgeball here.
Another part with trampolines.
Snapchat-6058101429744305875 (1)
Here you can see the slackline part with the foam pit. And behind this you can see the airbag.
slackline and airbag
You had to wear these anti-slip socks, otherwise it would be dangerous because you could slip or you could hurt someone with shoes.

Here is a link of a short aftermovie I made of the Jumpsquare. You will probably need a Google account to watch this video.

Here is a link of the website of Jumpsquare