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27-10-2014 – 31-10-2014- Oxford, England
In this week I went to England with my class and four other classes. I enjoyed this week and I am going to tell you more about this week per day.

Day 1:
Around 07:00 AM we left the Golfslagbad with the bus to Duinkerken in Duinkerken we went on the boat to Dover. The boat trip was very nice because the view was excellent, and I took a lot of pictures on the boat. The boat was very big, the boat had a few floors with cars, trucks and busses and two or three floors where you can walk, eat or do something for yourself. When we arrived in Dover one part of the bilingual classes went to the Dover castle and one part went to Canterbury. I went to the Dover castle. At the castle there was a very beautiful view over the houses and buildings. Because we were late, we had less time than we otherwise had. We didn’t see everything but I thought it didn’t really matter, because I saw enough for taking beautiful pictures.
After the Dover castle we went to our destination and get some food there. After the supper we had some free time to do something you like, or to call your parents whatever you want. Around 22:00 we had to sleep.

Day 2:
This day was a sportday and an English lessonday. As first I went to the sportplace for the trapeze activity. We had to climb to a higher place and stand on an wooden plank, if you were ready you could jump to the trapeze. In the beginning it was scary but the next times were nice. Every time when the trapeze was further away, I was the first one who jumps, because the boys were too scared :).
After the lunch we had English lessons. The first one was about extreme sports, we talked about paragliding, surfing, skydiving that sort of things. The second lesson, we thought about sports you can do, not like the Harry Potter sport, and the sport may not exist so you had to think about that with your group.
After the supper we had a nice campfire, and we sang a lot of English songs, after that we melted marsmallows, mmm it was delicious !!!

Day 3:
This day we went to Oxford. After the bustrip to Oxford we went to the punt boats for a punting trip. On the boat I took a lot of pictures of the environment and the ducks in the water. After punting we went to the center of Oxford. In oxford we had free time for shopping, and for the history mystery quiz. This is a quiz with 5 words, these words have something in common and we had to find what the had in common also you had to find 5 more words which have to do something with those words.
Around 14:00 we had a guided tour through Oxford, with some scenes from Harry Potter. We also got a lot of information about the lectures in Oxford.
Past the dinner we did the evening activity. You could choose playing games, pumpkin cutting, make a mask or making a lantern, this was all for Halloween.

Day 4:
This day was also a sport and English lesson day. The same as Tuesday, as first I went to the sportplace, the place with the giant swing, the swing works like this: A few children have to pull a string so you go upwards, if you are on the highest spot you pull a rope and then you make a free fall and swing like a swing. It was really cool to do !! After the swing we played cricket, this is a typical English sport.
After the lunch we went to the English lessons again, this time in the first lesson we talked about sickness and illnesses, in the second lesson we continued thinking about a sport. Our sport was called Waveball, it is a combination between waveboarding and basketball. Unfortunately we lost the competition of an other group, but we were second and that is also good ofcourse.
Then after the dinner we had a Halloween party, with music, dancing teachers, scary masks and ofcourse sweeties !!! 😉 It was a very nice, funny and scary evening.

Day 5:
This was the last day of the England trip, everything comes to an end unfortunately.
We arrived in Canterbury after a three hour drive. In Canterbury we had to make a guided tour for the pupils from our school who goes to England next year. I didn’t understand the assignment so it wasn’t succesful, but ofcourse we made some films and took some photos.
After Canterbury we had a half an hour drive to the boat. This time we didn’t go to Duinkerken but to Calais. On the boat we had to buy food otherwise we are hungry in the bus, because we were not allowed to eat in the bus. The view at the end of the boat trip was so beautiful, I did never see such a beautiful thing, also because I had never seen a sunset, ofcourse I took a lot of pictures.
At 21:10 we arrived Oss and went to home.

What I thought about this week:
This week was in one word: AWESOME. England is a beautiful country, also the cities where we went. The food was sometimes good, you just have to get used to it. We also spoke a lot of English. The week was very nice and I learned a lot about England the sports they play, the lectures and about Oxford. I will never forget this week !!!