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Competition 2017

17nd of June 2017-  This day we had a club competition with gymnastics. We had 2 competitions that lasted about 2 hours. In both competition I guided a group and helped them going to the next event.
The competitions lasted from 8:45-12:30, so I helped for almost 4 hours.

I liked helping at the competition because I like gymnastics a lot. When I was younger I used to do gymnastics. Now I have already taught gymnastics for over 4 years, I helped with a few competitions already so I wanted to help with this one too. I enjoyed the competition and the children too. After the competition the children got medals and a paper with their score on all events.

I think this is service because I helped for 4 hours and if I wasn’t there then a group wouldn’t be guided. Also I helped the club with this. It didn’t feel service because I liked helping the kids and the club.

This picture was taken right before the kid started her event.