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Christmas, everyone can tell about it and think about it. If you ask a person what the meaning is of Christmas, most of the time they say: Being with other people or help other people.

The same as last year we had a christmas action to raise money for other people. This year action was TINKERTOTS. With this action we wanted to raise money for children in South-Africa. The children in Africa also need to go to school, but they can’t pay or do not have schools in the region they live. With our help these children can go to school. We raised moneyl, so we can pay people in Africa to build the school. Two girls from our school set up this action, because they wanted to help the children. At this site you can read more about it: I am sorry but it is in Dutch.

What did I do to help ?
My class and I raised money by selling sushi. The half of the class made the sushi. 4 children wanted to present the sushi to the people in the school at a big screen, but unfortunately it did not work. I sold the sushi with 5 other people. We as class raised around the 100-120 euros. Every sushi was € 1,-, two sushi was € 2,- en three for € 2,- . Some people did not like sushi so they just gave money. As class we had lots of fun with making and selling the sushi, it was a nice evening.