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The Darting Dog

During the last couple of weeks in the art lessons we were busy with surreal assignments. This means that some stuff don’t belong together, for example a big apple in a small room, a rock that is soft etc.

The new assignment was to make something surreal yourself, you had to bring an object and make something out of wood, the object shouldn’t have to do anything with eachother.
I decided to bring darts along and make the dog out of wood. Those objects don’t have anything to do with eachother, except for that the dog can hold the darts in its mouth. I thought this idea would be cool because it is not normal for a dog to have darts in his mouth, it is surreal.
I really enjoyed this assignment because I like to saw and I thought I had a good idea.

I think this belongs to creativity because you were busy with thinking of your own ideas, something surreal. You also had to saw and work with wood and think about how you could put everything together without making it look messy.

This is the result of my surreal objects together. 



At a sports day at school we could choose different kinds of sports. You could give 3 of your favourite options and I wanted to go longboarding.

We started at school, Oss, and with a group of 30 students and one teacher we did a round all the way to Berghem, I think we have skated for 2 or 3 hours, 6 km in total. At one point we saw a skaterspark and we tried some tricks. Fortunately I never fell.

I think this is action because we moved a lot. We skated for over 2 hours and had a lot of action. We went pretty fast. Even though you only stepped with one foot you could still be tired afterwards, you also have to keep your balance and sometimes this can be pretty hard too.

This is a picture of me at the skaterspark.

Competition 2017

17nd of June 2017-  This day we had a club competition with gymnastics. We had 2 competitions that lasted about 2 hours. In both competition I guided a group and helped them going to the next event.
The competitions lasted from 8:45-12:30, so I helped for almost 4 hours.

I liked helping at the competition because I like gymnastics a lot. When I was younger I used to do gymnastics. Now I have already taught gymnastics for over 4 years, I helped with a few competitions already so I wanted to help with this one too. I enjoyed the competition and the children too. After the competition the children got medals and a paper with their score on all events.

I think this is service because I helped for 4 hours and if I wasn’t there then a group wouldn’t be guided. Also I helped the club with this. It didn’t feel service because I liked helping the kids and the club.

This picture was taken right before the kid started her event. 

Young Americans

22nd-24th of May 2017- In these days the Young Americans were at our school and it was so much fun. We danced, sung and acted.

What are the Young Americans ?
The Young Americans are a group of young people from the age of 18-23. It is a theatre group with people from all over the world. The group gives workshops to schools and with these workshops you practise for the big show you will perform for your parents. You sing, dance and act.

I thought the Young Americans were really cool and it was really fun to do. At first I was nervous to dance or sing because I was afraid people would laugh at me, but at the end it was really fun and I was not afraid anymore. The Young Americans were really nice people and knew how to motivate you and they could sing and dance really good.

I think this belongs to both creativity and internatiol orientation, because you dance, sing and act. It was International Orientation because you interacted with people from America, Germany, Japan and Canada. We spoke the whole time English and we sung in English, this made it International.

This is a picture together with a Young American, I thought he looked like Justin Bieber.


This is a picture together with my friends and JD, a Young American.


In this school year I was in a commision. This means that I helped to organise nice activities for my gymnastics club. Jeco means Jeugdcommisie: it is a group of 11 girls who organise activities for the club.
Some examples of these activities are disco gymnastics, a representation with the whole club and Zwarte Pieten gym.

I really liked it to help to organise these activities and the activities itself were nice and the kids really enjoyed it.
To organise these activities we also have meetings where we gather and discuss about the next activity.

Why do I think is service ?
I think this is service because I help the group of girls and the club organise nice activities. With this I think I made the kids from the gymnastics club happy. And ofcourse that is our aim.



The 10th of February
Today I went to Nieuwegein together with my sister. We went to Jumpsquare this is an Trampoline park, with trampolines, slacklines and foam pits.
At 19:00 our jump hour started, we could jump and do whatever we wanted in this hour. There were jumpmasters that could show you tricks, but they also helped with tips that could improve your jump skills. I got this jump hour from my sister for my birthday and I really enjoyed it.
Here are some pictures of the jump hall.
This was the building.
Here, you can see one part of the trampoline hall. You could also play dodgeball here.
Another part with trampolines.
Snapchat-6058101429744305875 (1)
Here you can see the slackline part with the foam pit. And behind this you can see the airbag.
slackline and airbag
You had to wear these anti-slip socks, otherwise it would be dangerous because you could slip or you could hurt someone with shoes.

Here is a link of a short aftermovie I made of the Jumpsquare. You will probably need a Google account to watch this video.

Here is a link of the website of Jumpsquare

Pizza Croissants

The 17th of January-
I made pizza croissants. I saw a video on youtube so I decided to make this on my own.

First I rolled out the croissant roll, and I put the tomato sauce and the ham on the croissant.

After this I put the cheese on the croissant and rolled the dough in a croissant shape.


Then I put some cheese and eggs onto the croissant, this was before the croissants went in the oven.

20160117_131609 (1)

This is how the croissants ended to look like, I tasted them and they were delicious ! I enjoyed to bake these croissants and I am sure I will do it again