Young Americans

22nd-24th of May 2017- In these days the Young Americans were at our school and it was so much fun. We danced, sung and acted.

What are the Young Americans ?
The Young Americans are a group of young people from the age of 18-23. It is a theatre group with people from all over the world. The group gives workshops to schools and with these workshops you practise for the big show you will perform for your parents. You sing, dance and act.

I thought the Young Americans were really cool and it was really fun to do. At first I was nervous to dance or sing because I was afraid people would laugh at me, but at the end it was really fun and I was not afraid anymore. The Young Americans were really nice people and knew how to motivate you and they could sing and dance really good.

I think this belongs to both creativity and internatiol orientation, because you dance, sing and act. It was International Orientation because you interacted with people from America, Germany, Japan and Canada. We spoke the whole time English and we sung in English, this made it International.

This is a picture together with a Young American, I thought he looked like Justin Bieber.


This is a picture together with my friends and JD, a Young American.


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